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Farouk A.

If you run a business or sell products, marketing can be one of the most confusing aspects of your business. 

This confusion is a result of marketers who push the tactics that they think work best instead of holistically assessing what a business needs from a marketing standpoint. 

They say THEIR answer is the one for your business, even though one size never fits all. 

My approach is different. 

When it comes to creating a video, audio or written content, most businesses don't know what to create or why they are creating it.  

That's where I come in. 

I help people with personal brands, businesses & physical products: 

  1. Figure out who they are as a brand and what they stand for 
  2. Create a content strategy that continuously reminds their target audience of who they are or what they do 
  3. Create video content that represents their larger brand

Whether you need help with every step of the process, need video content, or have no clue what you need, I am here to simplify the what and why of your marketing activities for you. 


What I Do

Video Advertising

Everyone is on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Have you tried to meet them on these channels there through eye-catching video advertisements?

Personal Branding Video

Do you need a video to promote yourself as a professional? Whether you have ideas about exactly what you need or not, I can help you get started!

Business Promotional Video

Do you need a video to promote your personal brand or business? Let's talk about how I can produce a video that fits your needs.

Video Marketing/Content Strategy

If you want to consistently connect with your audience through the use of great video content, a video marketing strategy session with me might be where to get started!