farouk ajakaiye

outside of this marketing, branding, and video stuff, who is "rouk"?

My name is Farouk, but most of my friends call me ‘rouk (rhymes with Luke). 

I’m originally from Providence, Rhode Island, but moved to New York City to kick off my career in 2013. 

I have been blessed to have a ton of different marketing and branding experiences over the years, but this page isn’t about that, you can read about that on my marketing background page that tells most of the story. 

In my free time, I enjoy making cocktails and almost always have a well-stocked bar at home. My favorite cocktail is a classic Negroni and I love when I have an excuse to drink them in the summer.

I’ve been creating different types of art since I taught myself Adobe Photoshop at the age of 15.

Outside of graphic design, I’m a solid photographer, love writing as you’ll see in my blog, and by now, you know I love to create videos… 

Capitalizing on my creativity has always been a huge factor in my life, hence the name “by ‘rouk”. I’m always creating something.

That same passion for creativity is what makes my life goal to make several creativity schools in low-income neighborhoods.