Hello! My name is Farouk but most people call me "rouk" for short

farouk ajakaiye

My Background:

  • 7 years of marketing strategy at major advertising agencies in NYC
  • 5 years of shooting & editing videos
  • 6 years of meditation practice 
  • Overall lover of productivity 

What's the point of this website?

Today I’m the founder of a company that you’ve probably heard of called Modern Video Solutions, but saw the need for a personal website years ago…

As I began to establish a successful marketing career, creating videos, meditating regularly and diving into a world of productivity, I began to realize I need a “home base” for everything I’m doing and a place to share thoughts with people. 

by ‘rouk is simply a reflection of who I am in real life and houses everything that I am up to. There’s a little bit of everything because this website reflects who I am as a person, but you can expect to hear about marketing, branding, productivity & wellness from me.