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Marketing is always changing.

Advertisements used to be right next to our favorite columns in the newspaper.

As we got a little more sophisticated, advertisements moved to the radio and we would listen to them in-between hearing our favorite music.

We took a large step forward technologically with TV commercials, even though there weren’t many tv channels in the early days.

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The way marketing messages reached us was by a company deciding to air our message on a certain channel in exchange for money but that changed with the internet. Suddenly, everyone’s attention was wherever they decided to put it at any moment.

Gone were the days when everyone had to watch TV and see advertisements exclusively through the television.

Fast forward roughly 25 years, and we get to about where we are now with video content. Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitch and probably even Myspace, video content is omnipresent and we consume it nonstop.

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But why hasn’t the way we use videos to promote ourselves caught up with the times?

Sure, you can make 1-commercial and blast it to the masses. Depending on exactly what you’re trying to achieve and how your business operates, that might work for you. However, for most modern-day brands, that’s probably not the best way to get the most out of video content.

If you’re interested in a better and more modern way to grow your brand or business through video content, this piece will help you understand a simple but powerful concept that will help you separate your business from the competition.

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People are f*****g busy

Most people spend hours a day on social media.

Bouncing back and forth from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook within a 5-minute time span is a normal thing to do nowadays, but have you thought about what that means for your brand and getting people to notice it?

According to Forbes, we see anywhere from 4,000 – 10,000 marketing messages per day.

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So sure, that video you posted on Instagram was great, but did it REALLY stand out? Is it something people will remember within the sea of messages they receive every day?

After doing a ton of observation and having conversations with friends and family, it’s clear that there’s less appreciation for every single piece of media that is shared on social networks.

We see so many good videos, photos, podcasts, blog posts, and high-quality media in general, that the appreciation for every single piece can sometimes get lost. I don’t say this to sound completely negative, because there’s actually a huge positive side to this influx of quality media.

If people are always on their phones, why not reach them more?

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Let me explain…

Touch it, no Missy Elliot

When creating a marketing plan, outside of your goal and audience, one of the many things to consider is your brand touchpoints.

According to, brand touchpoints are:

“The interactions and exposures that a consumer can have with a brand. Brand touchpoints are very broadly defined and include both deliberate communications from a firm/brand and communications and interactions that the consumer will have with the brand as part of their everyday life.”

To explain in my own words outside of marketing babble, brand touchpoints are the interactions that your business or brand has with people. If they open your email on their desktop, see your post on Instagram, retweet your viral tweet and pick up your product in-store, you’ve just had 4 brand touchpoints with someone (which is great).

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The more people see you, the more familiar they get.

In some cases, using things like retargeting advertisements, those advertisements that “follow you around the internet” can be powerful because they only appear if you looked at them somewhere else in the past.

Knowing that you should establish multiple touchpoints so that you can recapture people’s attention is step one, but you don’t have the secret sauce yet, friend. (Don’t get “lost in the sauce” after I give it to you either).

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You get a video, you get a video, & you get a video!!

giphy 13

As I mentioned earlier, video content is omnipresent within every single online platform. Pick one, anyone.

In fact, video is basically running the internet right now and doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon.

It’s the best medium to get our attention.

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Knowing this is key because it sets you up to think about your business or brand in a unique way. You go from thinking short-term, to making a longer yet more effective strategy.

For example, When you’re scrolling through Instagram, you can have a story video or post one to your actual feed. When you’re on Twitter, you can post to your timeline. When you’re on Facebook, you can post them to your personal page, fan page, or within an intimate (or not so intimate) group.

The point is, the ball is in your court.

You can use this combination of channels to make different types of interactions with your brand. It’s kind of like how graphic designers make different sized designs that are the same, but one is for an Instagram story while the other was designed more to size for Twitter.

Why make 1 video when you can plan a series for the week? Why make a video for Instagram when you can extend the experience to YouTube?

Get creative with creating and managing your touchpoints.

I often get asked questions like, “what’s the point of a 6-second YouTube ad?” (which I wrote about here). Well, the point of a 6-second advertisement or Instagram story is fairly simple when it’s all summed up.

People are busy.

The best way to get people’s attention today is video. It’s important to try and help people see you multiple times through video, and this will all be even more powerful if you plan out the pieces, plan out your touchpoints.

Speaking of using video…

I’m a marketing strategist/videographer who writes about marketing, productivity & wellness. That basically means you’re sure to learn a thing or two if you sign up for updates here.

Pssst… It would give me one more touchpoint with you.

written by ‘rouk

“What I do is way too personal, I don’t think video marketing is right for my business.”

Many health & wellness business owners/operators make the crucial mistake of thinking that video content can not help their business grow.

Whether you’re a nutritionist, yoga instructor or physical trainer, there is value in using video content to promote your products & services due to one simple truth.

Decisions that have to do with your physical/mental health are often personal.

You know the feeling of wanting to find a health professional, but wanting to keep the whole experience private for many (good) reasons. You might even search online, WebMD until you panic, or search for people who have had similar problems in different online spaces.

This entire experience gives you as a health professional a chance.

For many of the people who are considering working with you, it’s likely that they are interacting with you in different ways before you know it.

Whether they are looking for more information about you on your website or checking your Instagram to see your most recent posts, it is natural for people to try and learn more about you before trusting you with whatever situation they’re dealing with.

Besides that fact, we also know how easy it can be for someone to open Google, find your competition and book an appointment in minutes, if not seconds.

People have the ability to easily find someone else who does what you do

When people need a coach they’ll either ask friends or search Google for people in their area. I have yet to meet a person who asks for referrals from random people, but I’ll be patiently waiting.

For now, what we know is that when people need a dentist, many open up ZocDoc and simply assess who accepts their insurance and has some good reviews.

In other cases, people choose their healthcare providers through a standardized search or market place. This informal process of searching for and evaluating people based on static profiles is impersonal, to say the least.

However, there are some health & wellness service providers who are breaking through. The ones who are considering their audience’s problems and meeting them there, helping them to feel more at ease.

What most health professionals don’t realize is that people are yearning to get that information in private, but you must be the one that opens the door to that conversation.

Let’s not forget, video is arguably the most widely used and loved content format on the internet, making it the perfect medium to express your views on relevant topics.

This is where video content can help

Although there is no substitute for face to face interaction, video is the closest thing to it.

There is no better way to help people “meet” you as they’re making decisions about who will help them best along their health journey.

Here are just a few things that you can use video for in your health & wellness-based business.

  • Convey your personality: Are you light-hearted? Fun? Do you want to make it clear that everyone who works with you is treated in a specific way? Conveying your personality through your online channels is arguably a necessity in 2019 & beyond.
  • Explain how your experience has made people feel: As I mentioned before, people are likely going through a range of emotions while working with you. What better way to make people feel at ease than to show that you’ve helped other people feel different after working with you.
  • Show the results of your program: Social proof is powerful. Have you helped past clients with the same issue? Do you have proof? Video testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools today because we can sometimes resonate with the same exact problem that the people in the testimonial faced, bringing us closer to the real issue

Have you thought about using video content to separate your health & wellness related business from the rest?

If you have, maybe I can help

I help businesses use video marketing & advertising so that they can grow with less effort on their part.

I also have free resources for any business owner, operator or entrepreneur who wants to learn what video marketing is and start shooting high-quality videos using just their phone. You can get my two free video marketing related courses here.

You can learn about my video related services here.


by ‘rouk

“Wow, if people knew THIS? Everyone would be doing it.”

My brother said.

I had just finished walking my brother through the more technical parts of a very successful video marketing project I had just finished and he was shocked.

giphy downsized 8

As someone who’s a filmmaker himself, he has made many commercials for businesses of all sizes in the past, but couldn’t really fathom what I was doing. This video marketing “thing”, this new technology that we can use to make videos that help us reach whatever goal we have in mind, this was brand new to him.

We live on opposite ends of the video spectrum.

Although I enjoy making shorter form videos that connect with people and serve a specific marketing purpose, my brother is more of a filmmaker in the traditional sense. He would rather make documentaries, movies, focus on cinematography, etc.

But my background is different from his.

As someone whose background is in working for large advertising agencies like Havas Worldwide, Ogilvy & MRY, I picked up a camera when I was already a marketer who had done work for brands like IBM, Rolex & American Express.

giphy 13

Almost immediately, my brain attached making videos to marketing, which opened my eyes to how to make videos that have a specific “job” to do. Yes, you can send videos out to be your mini soldiers that share the story of your business to potential customers.

After trying a few different creative ideas, paying for ads across many channels, and learning what videos make people feel an emotion and take action, I had created something that’s basically a well-oiled, modern-day, video marketing machine!

The thing about video marketing is it can seem complicated and confusing to someone who has never done it before or doesn’t know the first thing about it.

giphy 12

My brother was quick to point out that most people probably didn’t understand what I was trying to explain, which is 100% true.

This misunderstanding of a video marketing plan vs a general TV commercial inspired me to write this piece for anyone who is looking to either understand the difference or manage a video-related budget in the best way possible, this is for you.

Without further ado, here are 3 reasons why video marketing is better for your business than the average TV commercial.

  1. Video marketing is measurable

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The whole process of creating, buying & choosing where your television ads go is fairly straightforward.

Sure, you have to think about what the commercial will be/feel like, what channels you’d like the commercial to show on and what you want the commercial to do. After these few things, you put the commercial out, cross your fingers & hope sales go up.

giphy 10

If you’re really ambitious, maybe you’d even do something called a brand lift study so that you can get some kind of explanation about how this video made your business better, if it did at all.

In 2019 & beyond, unless your goal is high general awareness, there’s no need for this.

The beauty of video marketing online is that everything is tracked.

How many people watched, how many people clicked, how long the average person watched for. Those are just a few examples, but all indicators of how much people like what you are putting out in the world.

Knowing how people are reacting to what you’re putting out in almost real-time is a big deal.

giphy 11

This real-time reporting nature frees you to test SO much more.

Of course, having a videographer who you can show the results to so they can tweak the next video accordingly is great, but if you’re shooting the videos using just your smartphone, that can work just fine too.

You have so much more control when deciding what your next marketing activity should be. This level of flexibility brings me to my next big point about why video marketing is a better use of your investment…

2. You can be more nimble

giphy downsized 7

A/B split testing is a classic marketing strategy to learn what is working and what is not.

Generally, the way it works is you have one variation of something, and another variation that is mostly the same, but slightly different. This gives you a much better idea of what is working and what is not because you’re constantly making tiny adjustments that improve your overall performance.

Think about how powerful that can be when you’re talking about video marketing!

Want to test the same exact advertisement/script with a man vs a woman? Great! Let’s make two videos and test them.

Want to see if the blue or red sweater sells more? Great! Let’s make two videos and test them.

Want to know if the 30-second or 10-second spots get more people to your website? Great! Let’s make two videos and test them!

giphy downsized 9

I’m sure you get the point.

Having this level of control, especially in real-time, can give you a huge advantage against the competition. It’s no secret that videos are dominating every popular social channel, so you don’t have to guess if people are watching videos, we KNOW they are.

This brings me to my next point and arguably the most important reason why video advertising is likely a much better use of your money than TV commercials.

You can reach your exact audience. Not a general “audience”.

3. Detailed targeting options to reach your target audience

giphy downsized 5

When Facebook advertising first started gaining popularity, it was because of how granular you could get with choosing audiences to target for your message.

To truly understand how powerful this is, it might help if I explained the difference between online and offline audience targeting.

Television audience targeting (Offline)

giphy 14

Sure, you can target using television commercials, but that “targeting” is completely surface level.

Just because you’re trying to sell dog collars doesn’t mean everyone watching Animal Planet owns a dog. Just because you’re trying to sell toasters doesn’t mean that every single person watching HGTV wants a toaster.

These are the high-level “targeting” options that cable television gives you.

Online audience targeting

In comparison, when you are choosing your advertising targeting online, you can appeal to a much more granular person who is more likely to be within your target audience.

Let’s revisit selling dog collars as an example.

Now when you are trying to sell your dog collars, Facebook & Google (which also owns YouTube) allow you to choose “dog owners” as a target. But not only that, you can choose dog owners who are in your zip code that are between the ages of 18-35 years old and are men, for example.

Think about how much more powerful that is now that you are making an advertisement for a certain type of person instead of a general dog audience!

Remember my earlier point about being able to be nimble?

Well, now I’m sure you see how being nimble along with good targeting can change how you market your business through video.

It’s simple, get a greater return on your investment by taking control…

giphy downsized 4

Thinking about making a TV commercial? Well, if that TV commercial will help you reach your goals better, by all means, make that commercial.

However, if you want to step ahead of your competition & measure the return on your investment more closely, you must harness the power of video marketing for your business.

Not only is video arguably the most popular medium today, but the entire video marketing process is severely underused out of what I think is a fear of the technical aspects.

Sooner than later, more businesses will catch on to clever and smart ways to use video marketing and it will become more widely used and accessible. But for now, get some videos to go to work for you!

P.S –

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By ‘rouk

This post is for anyone who wants to know more about my background and why I am so passionate about using video marketing to help businesses reach their goals!

“It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it”

Simon Sinek’s famous TED Talk has been watched over 6 million times on YouTube, and for good reason.

If you’re not familiar with Simon and his work, in this famous talk he explains that people aren’t really interested in what you do as much as why you do it. It’s what helps people get to the core of what you do and see if they resonate with you.

I truly believe in the power of sharing why you do what you do, so I decided to write my own “why”.

I decided to write this post to explain to anyone who’s interested in why I am so deeply passionate about using video marketing to help businesses and how I got here today.

It all started when I was 15 years old…

I would sit there for hours, anxiously awaiting my turn to get on the computer.

giphy downsized 2

You see, my oldest brother used to throw parties in my hometown, Providence, RI. I come from a very entrepreneurial “get it done” family, so this contributed to my brother not wanting to pay anyone to make the flyers to promote his parties. He bought Photoshop and taught himself how to use.

Enter 13 year old me.

I would sit and wait for hours, wait for my turn to get on that computer and play around with this cool program that is Adobe Photoshop. To this day, my brother talks about how I would just watch and observe, sometimes not saying anything for hours. I was anxiously awaiting my turn to use the program that I was watching him use for hours, Adobe Photoshop.

When I used Photoshop, I felt free in a weird way. It gave me the ability to make stuff and control how I make it, which is what really drew me in. Move things where you want, make them the color you want, erase and place things again, it all seemed so freeing.

Hell, if I got really good, I could even put my face on other people’s bodies. Idris Elba suddenly had nothing on me!

giphy 9

Eventually, I would get my turn on the computer.

This was before people were really making video tutorials, so I basically taught myself Adobe Photoshop through following image tutorials through a dial-up connection (wow).

Developing this design sensibility made me look at the world differently. Seeing things and knowing how to recreate them technically made me realize I can create nearly anything I want to at an early age, shaping my entire world-view.

I started creating Myspace layouts for my friends, music/mixtape covers, I even had a brief stint designing and selling iron-on t-shirts in high school. One thing led to the next, and as I began to play within the online space more, I realized there might be more to this stuff that I like…

giphy 5

So I eventually stumbled upon digital marketing

Knowing that my father graduated with a degree in marketing always made me some level of interested in the field.

He would ask me a ton of questions about marketing that made me think critically about marketing decisions. I didn’t know it at the time, but these early considerations helped me get a huge jump in my marketing career.

But if I’m being honest, I didn’t really take marketing seriously until my older brother started working at an agency. He started to tell me about the amazing things he was working on, like a campaign for Barack Obama, which piqued my interest. He was doing “digital marketing”

“Digital marketing? Wtf is that?” I thought.

By 2010, it came to my attention that all this stuff I was doing could actually be used for real business and to reach business goals. This excited me because I knew that I inherently enjoyed many things that come with marketing like design, copy, messaging, etc.

giphy 7

To make a long story short, this interest eventually led me to a career at both large & small marketing agencies throughout New York City. I graduated in May of 2013 & was living in NYC by the end of June.

I am writing this piece in 2019, and I have now worked for agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Havas Worldwide, Y&R, Carrot Creative (Virtue Worldwide) & a prestigious advertising awards show called The One Show.

I have worked on brands like IBM, Nationwide, American Express, Wilson Sports & Rolex during my time at these agencies and have learned a TON about how marketing, branding & advertising are done the right way.

To say I have had a great start to my career would be an understatement.

pasted image 0 1

However, around 2015, I started getting tired of just living the agency life. I realized I needed more things to do with my time outside of work in order to feed that raw creative side of me.

So that’s when I picked up a DSLR camera

Well, I didn’t pick one up right away…

I wanted to start a video food blog called Beyond The Eats. I called it Beyond The Eats because I realized how hard people in food & hospitality work with little to no recognition. I wanted to put a spotlight on these people so I could “share stories & experiences through food!”

I scheduled the first interview, was excited for the day and had to get on the train to get to my first interview! Unfortunately for me, my videographer canceled the day of.

giphy downsized 3

This made me vow to learn how to shoot and capture these stories & experiences for myself. Since I had designed before, I had no hesitation in approaching a new creative endeavor.

giphy 8

After shooting about 50 episodes, I was ready for something more

I was walking in the park one day when I had a huge realization.

Although I had worked at marketing agencies and created videos for fun, I wondered why I wasn’t using my skills on a larger scale and how I could. I reached out to friends & family to see what they had going on and quickly realized I could help them with almost anything they were up to in video form!

That’s when I started branching out.

I created a video for my cousin’s t-shirt business, another for my friend’s real estate business, another for a local burger joint & continued to see how I could use my unique set of skills to help push whatever they were trying to achieve forward.

After doing a few of these projects, I realized there was a need. Not only did I have skills that many businesses need, but that there were also many businesses looking for my specific skill-set.

Most importantly, I loved every second of doing this. Even though every business is different, finding what makes each business special is always fun.

Understanding and sharing the goals, traits & personality of a business isn’t always easy, but it’s always fun!

When I work with a business, I like to get to know the business intimately to see how I can really help.

giphy 6

Having a wide range of skills helps me come up with many solutions. I’ve worked with clients who weren’t showing their logo in the right places, some don’t properly deliver their real message, and some don’t even know where to start!

Understanding & sharing the unique personality traits of different businesses is a skill. One that takes a high level of curiosity and wanting to help the business grow.

Why my skills are unique is that you are talking to the person making a plan for the video based on your marketing goals. This means your videos have much more direction when it comes to what to say, how you say it and why you’re even making videos in the first place.

Video marketing is a unique combination of my creative skills, marketing background & general ability to truly make a positive change in people’s business, which is why I love it so much.

P.S.  –

I have some resources that might help you with your video marketing!

  • I have a video marketing newsletter for businesses. It’s filled with actionable advice & helpful topics for the business owner/video marketer. If you would like to sign-up, click here.
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by ‘rouk

Are the emails you send out on behalf of your brand unique? Are people compelled to open them and see the message you’re trying to deliver? If not, here’s something that will probably help.

giphy 4

Nowadays, we get so many emails from so many different sources. It can be hard to stand out in that inbox. What makes this even more challenging is the fact that your email is getting pushed further and further down the recipient’s inbox as time goes on, leaving our messages hoping to get attention.

However, like many things in life, there is a way to stand out in people’s inbox if you are willing to put in a little more work.

giphy downsized 1

Just like we see on our favorite mediums today, video can be very popular within people’s inboxes. MarTech Advisor says that adding videos to your email content can boost click rates up to 300 percent!

Although seeing “video” in an email subject line or within a preview has gotten me to open many emails in the past, I have a feeling that you’ve experienced this feeling before too.

I recently found this article feature in Entrepreneur that gives some actionable tips around using video content in your email marketing. These tips were so good that I couldn’t resist sharing!

You can click here to read the full article on Entrepreneur.

Video is SO much more about emotion than about trying to get your personal message across.

Connecting with emotions is what will make people want to work with your brand, buy your products & do business with you in general.


As someone who’s been creating videos for about the past four years, What I’ve learned is that what really resonates with people, what really gets people’s attention, In comparison to anything else that I post is when I focus on the emotions that need to be conveyed.

When I really get close to the person’s face to show emotion, get close to the product, really show what is going on and how people feel about something in the moment, so it can translate to business.

Over time, focusing in on seemingly small things like this begin to form a connection…

How people begin to feel a connection with a business

People connect with you, who you are and what you do.

For example, let’s say you’re the owner of a pizza restaurant…

giphy 2

People might want to know why you started because it’s most likely a reason that isn’t simple and almost forces you to share a part of yourself. Did you start because of an old tradition from Italy? Is it a family business, so on and so forth?

For another example, let’s say you’re trying to sell a product through an e-commerce shop.

People want to know why you made the product & why it’s important to you because these things set you apart from the dollar store up the street that is selling the same thing. Notice that your why is important here because it’s really close to your emotions and really close to how you genuinely feel about different things.

But make no mistake, inspiring and sharing your why doesn’t always have to be your go-to move when it comes to video…

giphy 1

making that emotional connection doesn’t always have to have a sad or inspiring feeling.

Sometimes making that emotional connection with people takes making people hungry or making them happy.

We have a whole range of emotions as humans, and we can use those emotions to engage people and attract them to us/our business.

In the case of the restaurant, you can use the right combination of shots to show how the pizza is made and how delicious the whole process seems. Even small things like the pull of cheese help to spark something in our brains that reminds us of that delicious feeling.

giphy 3

Although invoking the emotion of hunger can work, most cases do focus on either inspiring people or making them resonate with a person’s story. In fact, there’s one specific brand that we have seen do this countless times…

Nike is a great example

Let’s look at Nike as an example.

Nike, If you think about all of their commercials, and what you like about them and what you don’t, what you will probably notice is that you can connect with them, they make you feel some kind of way.

giphy downsized

It would be unusual for you to watch a Nike commercial and immediately get up to turn it off.

Thank you for reading, and if you’d like more video marketing/general marketing tips, be sure to sign-up for my newsletter!


by ‘rouk

what video marketing is

Old with the old and in with the new.

As we continue to use the internet in different and more advanced ways, the way we consume information is changing along with it. We started with just text & images that loaded slowly through a dial-up connection, but once videos came into the fold, everyone on the internet clung to it immediately.

giphy 2

Not only did people cling to video content, but we continued to demand more of it. Now, we’re in a place where Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat & every other popular platform you can name are being fueled by great video content.

It’s no wonder that you want to really figure out all of this video marketing stuff.

Whether you’re reading this because you want a general overview of video marketing, want to understand how it can help your business or you’re just trying to get a sense of why video marketing is trending in general, this article will bring more clarity to the topic of video marketing for you!

To understand what video marketing is, it’s important that we agree on what marketing is in the first place

First, I’d like to make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to what marketing is.

If you search Google for a definition of marketing, you’ll get the following:

“The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

For this definition, let’s focus on the “promoting and selling products or services” part. I think we can all agree that the whole point of marketing is mainly to promote something, whether it be a product, service or general message that you’d like to get out.

For good measure, let’s look at 1 more definition that you’ll find from the American Marketing Association:

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Within this definition, I want to focus on “communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”


Again, at its essence, marketing is about communicating and getting the word out about something. After you think of marketing in this way, and you put the word video in front of marketing, things begin to make a little more sense.

What will help you, even more, is understanding a little bit about how video marketing has become so popular in the first place!

How and why video marketing became popular in the first place!

In February of 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said:

“I see video as a megatrend.”

2 years later, I don’t think you or anyone else would say he was wrong. Once big brands began to understand how effective video marketing can be, they started using it everywhere.

Websites showed videos that talked about their products & services, brands started working with YouTube influencers & many people started to pair videos with online advertising to not only reach their ideal audience but to demonstrate how their products & services quickly.

According to Mary Meeker’s infamous 2018 internet trends report, mobile video usage has been rapidly rising in popularity since 2012.

pasted image 0 1

A couple of other statistics that speak to the consumption of video online:

  • 46% of consumers watch more video ads on social media than on TV Forbes, 2018
  • Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store Think With Google, 2018

But there’s another angle to these statistics…

The interesting part about this rising popularity is that it doesn’t just show up in the numbers of people consuming video content, but people aren’t shy about explicitly asking for more video content!

In a study from Hubspot, they found that video is the most preferred type of content that people want to see more of in the future.

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Video marketing provides a huge advantage because it comes in many forms that you can use to help push your business forward in many different ways.

Although not every type of video content fits every business, there are ways that different businesses can use video marketing to not only help reach but exceed their business goals by using the most popular medium today, video.

Examples of what video marketing looks like

Using video to communicate and promote your products & services can come in many forms that can all be effective depending upon how your business works.

Here are a few examples and how they differ:

  • Instagram videos: Do you have a physical e-commerce product? Creating custom videos for your brand and then advertising them on Instagram can be a powerful video marketing tool for you to drive sales. (It’s also a service I offer).
  • Videos in an email: We get tons of emails per day, but how many of them include a (semi-personalized) video message? We’re now in the age of authenticity and sending people an email where you’re genuinely trying to connect with them can make you stand out & grab people’s attention.
  • Video business cards: Do you find yourself telling people what you do and how you can help them over and over? It might be time for you to invest in a video business card. Video business cards are a powerful form of marketing for established businesses & people who have a defined niche. Not only do they look great and raise credibility if they’re done by the right person, but they also save time!

These are just a few of the powerful examples of video marketing that come to mind, but there are so many more and other ways that you can benefit from video marketing.

The list above is short, but you can learn much more about what you need to learn about video marketing by taking my free 5-day email course: Video Marketing Insider Secrets.

My 5-day course is a great place to start because it covers the cost of video marketing, how it works, where you can place your videos & so much more!

However, if you want to get straight to the actionable advice, I won’t leave you hanging…

3 quick tips to help you get started with video marketing today

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1. Know your audience

As I mentioned earlier, the right video marketing solution for your business varies for each business. This is because not everyone’s customers have the same interests and “hang out” in the same places online.

Thinking about who your audience is and where they are online will help you reach your target audience faster. Are they mostly on Instagram? Linkedin? YouTube? Answering this question seems simple, but it will help guide your content.

2. Don’t make the process harder than it has to be!

When it comes to video marketing, one huge misconception is that it is very expensive to do.

Sure, you can get an entire professional film crew to make videos for you, but you can also get started by just shooting videos on your iPhone. In fact, I have a free course called Shoot With Your Smartphone that teaches you how to plan, shoot & edit content for your business using just a smartphone!

When it comes to video marketing, your plan for execution is much more important than the quality of your videos. I’m sure you’ve felt the experience of connecting with a video that is less than perfect because the content really hit home and mainly met your needs at the time.

You will connect with people through your strategy more than you will because your footage looks great. Although great looking footage is a plus, don’t let it stop you from getting started!

3. Make a plan & stick to it!

Although 1 video can make a huge difference for a business or personal brand, it’s not something you want to count on.

Creating a more long term plan isn’t just realistic, but gives you more chances to connect with more people as you post different types of content. If you’re not sure what to post, I wrote about my “B-P-S Bridge” framework for coming up with endless video marketing ideas for any business. Click the link above to read about my secret hack for video ideas.

Looking to get started with video for your business?

Planning & creating video content without a big team is hard, but that’s where I come in!

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by ‘rouk

“How have I ever lived without this?!” is something we’ve all said before.

Whether it’s a new nighttime routine that helps you get a good night of sleep, a new fitness product that gives you energy or a new type of wine that you enjoy drinking. There are simply things we learn and find along the way that make life much more simple.

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In this article, I am going to talk about one major thing that most practices are overlooking – video testimonials.

When I say this to dentists, their response is usually somewhere in between confusion & disbelief which has inspired me to write this.

Let’s start with some helpful facts & overall knowledge that will help you understand why video testimonials hold so much power today.

Our trust in the internet is deteriorating…

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In the early days of the internet, it was an easier place to trust someone.

The days before Amazon, influencers & blogs were much different. The way we viewed the internet when we could literally get up and walk away from the computer was much different from when we began to carry the internet with us everywhere through our mobile phones.

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Not only was the internet a fairly new concept, but it was also our first instance of connecting with people who we didn’t fully know in real life online. During this time people began to use the internet to connect through various interests. Although many people had good intentions, there were others who took advantage of the situation.

Realizing that the internet is a space that didn’t require physical human interaction and only to move people through words (and now video), many people began to take advantage.

As we started realizing what was happening, we became more jaded by the fact that there were so many tricksters who were constantly looking to take advantage of someone else.

After the early days, things only got worse…

Fast forward to 2016.

After the entire Cambridge Analytica & Facebook scandal around the 2016 Presidential Election, trust in what we see on the internet began to take a full nose-dive.

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What people now look for is a sign that someone on the internet is both real & effective. Once people can confirm that what they see on the screen is real in some sense, they’ll be much more willing to visit your practice.

One of the best ways to do this is through testimonials because we already know they influence people’s buying decisions.

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Have you ever wanted to purchase something but needed just one or two positive recommendations? The one from a friend you trust or a review that will alleviate all of your concerns?

Well, you aren’t alone, in fact, this is pretty common behavior:

  • Dimensional Research found that 90% of respondents claimed that positive online reviews influence buying decisions.
  • Search Engine Land found that 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business.
  • Hubspot found that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on your investment.

Statistics like these show that people are looking for testimonials to either deny or confirm what they’re already thinking about you.

Although they might not stop someone from visiting your practice, just think about how many patients you aren’t giving the chance to find you because you aren’t proactively ensuring customers that their experience at your practice will be a great one.

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We know that testimonials are very important and can have a real-life influence on potential patients, but what about the actual video format? Is it even necessary to make a video?

Allow me to explain…

People love video content

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Written testimonials work, but there’s nothing like an actual human speaking about their experience through video. Gathering multiple video testimonials over time can truly serve as solid social proof, especially when you use them the right way (I talk more about this later).

If you research marketing related topics for your practice, the fact that people love and engage with video content often is probably no surprise to you.

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Although people usually know these facts, it’s often harder for dentists & doctors to find the time to dedicate to the marketing activities that will help their practice grow.

Although starting can feel overwhelming and intimidating, creating video content that works for you is easier than you think. If you want to get started using video testimonials to help your practice grow, here are 3 quick tips that can help you.

3 tips for getting started with video testimonials

  1. Ask patients if you can record them giving a video testimonial

You’ll never get what you don’t ask for.

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I’m guessing that you have tons of happy patients that love your practice, but you’ve never really thought to ask them for a testimonial so that you can spread your amazing services to more people.

Bonus: Send the video testimonial to an editor like me who can create a custom video style for you that fits your practice. If you want to learn more about how we can work together to do this, click here!

2. Use your video testimonials as social media advertisements

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn are all great places for your videos.

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Each channel has different ways to approach it and benefits to it, so its best to understand what you want to get out of your approach, which I can also help you with.

A major benefit to advertising on social media is that you have full control over who sees your advertisements. You can choose who you want to show your ads to no matter their age, where they are located, their interests & much more.

I have worked with people who have seen great results by running the right video testimonial advertisements for just a month.


This is an extremely smart strategy because your advertisements will only be seen by people who have shown some level of interest in what your practice offers, ensuring that the people seeing your ads have already thought about working with you in one way or another.

Just make sure that these video testimonials are really good!

3. Do testimonials the right way (because there is a right and wrong way)

There’s a big problem with most testimonials.

Have you ever read a testimonial and felt like it was a load of BS? There are many reasons why this can happen, but the number one is not showing any transformation.

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Let me explain.

The thing about testimonials is that when someone is reading them, they actually see themselves in the testimonials. Here’s a quick example.

Let’s say Jim is a patient who is having serious tooth pain. Jim knows he might need a root canal, but he’s very afraid of getting dental work so he needs someone who can guarantee sedation. He wants to go to sleep, wake up, deal with some aches, but ultimately have his tooth pain fixed.

Jim looks at the website of one dentist in his area and the website is beautiful. He can book an appointment & even find the early information he needs.

Jim thinks the dentist is competent, she accepts his insurance & he can schedule an appointment to finally get rid of the pain.

It all sounds perfect!

But right before booking, Jim decides to look around a little more.

Suddenly, Jim finds a second dentist who has a page that is filled with testimonials and designed well. Jim scrolls through the testimonial page some before he sees the title of “I really wanted sedation” above a video.

He plays the video and begins to hear a woman talk about her fear. How she was afraid just like Jim, how she wanted to essentially sleep through the procedure just like Jim, how she specifically looked for this service just like Jim, etc.

Now what Jim is thinking is, “wow, I am afraid too and NEED sedation, I don’t think I need to look much further.”

Although this example is a little over-simplified, I am sure you understand the point. It’s probably easy for you to think of a similar scenario that has happened in your life too.

Do you want to get started with video testimonials for your practice? If so, I can help. You can Start here to learn more about my services.

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By ‘rouk

In 1962, rental car company Avis was losing money FAST and They needed to find a solution because they were almost out of business.

The problem was that Hertz rental cars were way ahead of Avis in terms of market share, and Avis knew that a lot of people were going to Hertz first. As any company would, Avis wanted a way to close that gap and get more customers.

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In order to do this, Avis reached out to well-known advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) for help. After the team at DDB got together, they noticed the fact that most people knew Avis was the number 2 option, but what they did with this information was genius…

DDB decided to use this knowledge of being number 2 as an advantage instead of running away from it. DDB created the tagline “We Try Harder” and spread this message throughout the brand by constantly showing that they try harder in every customer interaction.

After all, how could you not like the brand that is always trying harder?

The results of this change were massive.

Within just 1 year, Avis went from losing $3.2 million to turning a profit of $1.2 million for the first time in 13 years. Although it was effective for them at the time, they ended up dropping the slogan in 2012.

However, that slogan helped Avis not only live on as a company but become more of a huge success and close the gap that existed between them and Hertz.

Once Avis established their brand positioning of “We Try Harder”, it was very easy for them to not only attract more customers to the message but to also consistently push the message out to people.

In this article, I will explain why brand positioning is just as important to dentists & doctors as it was to Avis. I’ll also cover how you can begin to establish your brand positioning as a dentist or doctor.

Let’s get started, shall we?

The truth is, your brand or business is most likely like AVIS before “we try harder”

The hard part is, people don’t know your practice is different the moment they find you.

Assuming you’re a dentist or doctor, how do people find you? Research shows that people find dentists in the same few ways…

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  • Friends & Family
  • Search
  • Insurance lists
  • Online directory (ZocDoc)

When you look at all 4 of these sources, only friends and family give a proper chance to tell someone about ALL of the great things about you and why someone would love going to your business.

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They can talk about how you go the extra mile, how you are always speedy, how they never wait long, how your staff is friendly, etc.

None of the other sources give that chance to create word of mouth marketing which can generate more free promotion for your brand than you would know what to do with.

This is where brand positioning comes in and can change everything for you, helping you feel like you can get a breath of fresh air.

giphy 16

Since most of the online interactions we see today are flat and straightforward (ex. Finding a dentist via online directory), having strong positioning can help you say, “Hey! I’m the exact dentist/doctor you are looking for!” without standing in the middle of the street and shouting it like a psycho.

I am going to touch on how you can get started with establishing your brand positioning, but first, let’s get clear on exactly what brand positioning is.

What brand positioning is

According to, brand positioning is defined as:

“A marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands, in the mind of the customer.”

Now, in my own words:

Brand positioning helps customers understand exactly where you stand within their needs, and also helps them understand when to call you and you only based on what they need.

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It’s kind of like when you find a restaurant that has just one or two good things on the menu that they highlight and talk about, so you keep going back and ordering just that.

In your mind, that restaurant has positioned themselves as the one you explain to your friends as “they’re ok but they have really GREAT _________, I usually just go for that”.

Making this type of distinction in the customer’s mind takes time, so positioning must be done strategically and repeated over an over (and over) to people before it really sticks.

There are multiple ways you can do this, but it’s important to make sure that there is some sort of logical message that you are delivering consistently.

If you would like to begin establishing brand positioning for your practice or brand I can help you, but here are some actionable steps for getting started on your own.

How to start establishing your positioning

When beginning to establish your brand positioning, there are 2 key questions you can start with that will put you ahead of your competition

  1. What makes you unique
  2. Who do you serve and why

giphy 14

These two questions will get your mind moving on not only who you want to serve but also, what you want to serve people, allow me to explain further…

  1. What makes you unique?

When you start seriously thinking through your positioning, one of the most helpful questions you can ask yourself is what makes you unique, what is the one thing you do (or can do) that makes every other practice or brand seem like they are different from you? You also want to pair this thought with what your customers need in order to paint the entire picture.

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In some cases, this might mean that you go out on a limb and make yourself the choice that is way out there, something that might feel risky. Maybe you’ll be the best dentist for people who like donuts or the best dentist for people who drink coffee daily, either way, it must be unique.

2. Who do you serve and why?

Another great place to start when thinking about brand positioning is who you serve and why you serve them.

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This helps because you’ll have much more clarity around who you are hoping to work with and why. Knowing these two things can help you attract more of these types of “target patients”.

You want to start thinking about these things because when positioning works well, it works MAGIC.

giphy 15

It might sound like something that is just “nice to have”, but not establishing brand positioning can have major negative consequences…

The negative impact of ignoring positioning

giphy 17

There are many people who think they do not need good brand positioning because they get customers through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Facebook advertising, or another similar source.

This is a dangerous way of thinking because of how paid advertising works. I don’t want to get super technical so I will keep the explanation as concise as possible.

pasted image 0 8

(the cost of advertising goes up because it’s designed to)

Having a platform like Google or Facebook allows people to run advertisements because there are people constantly on these platforms searching, interacting & doing who knows what else, so there are always eyeballs there.

pasted image 0 12

Because there are always eyeballs there, you can pay to reach them and even reach ONLY the people who might be interested in what you are offering through advertising targeting.

Because people reach who they want to and see results, they continue to tell other people about the advertising and pouring money into these advertising channels. This causes more people to advertise, making the advertising service even more expensive as the cycle continues.

Sure, advertising can be effective and most businesses should be using it, even I advertise. However, do you really want to just rely on a system where the cost is forever rising? Nevermind the fact that most people advertising aren’t seeing a return on investment already (which isn’t inherently a bad thing).

pasted image 0 6

I found this quote from Jennifer Plotnick, owner of Grand Street Dental in Brooklyn, NY. As you’ll see soon, she is NAILING her brand positioning and even sees it.

In fact, it’s going so well that she sees it as a way around SEO and other typical marketing solutions people follow today.

“We probably need more of a life,” Plotnick says, laughing. But “all that money that most practices are gonna put toward their mailers and SEO and all that? This is my SEO.”

Not to say that SEO isn’t right for anyone, but you need to know if it is right for you.

Begin to establish your position so that people can find you and spread word of mouth about your amazing practice that gives quality service. You have one million things to worry about, so you should at least make acquiring customers a little easier!

A great example of Dental positioning: Grand Street Dental

pasted image 0 3 

When someone says the word hipster, what comes to mind?

I don’t know what a “hipster” is to you, but I think we would agree that any “hipster” would INSTANTLY choose Grand Street Dental as their dentistry upon first glance, maybe some hipsters would even leave their current dentist.

Grand Street Dental is located and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and accurately reflects the Brooklyn “hipster” Culture. An excerpt from an article in The Cut said.

“The hand soap in Plotnick’s bathroom is — what else? — Aesop, and the artisanal dental-floss samples she gives to patients at the end of appointments (in a brown paper bag ink-stamped with her logo) are made with coconut oil. In other words, Plotnick is no ordinary dentist; she’s a hipster dentist.

Of course, their Instagram supports this “hipster” feel

pasted image 0 10

Brand positioning can be worth much more than the latest advertising tactic. Keep this in mind before making your next decision with your advertising budget and overall marketing activities.

Interested in getting clarity around your brand positioning (& much more) for your practice?  

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by ‘rouk

As a realtor in today’s world, it’s important to consistently find ways to stand out amongst your competition, especially if you’re in a competitive market like New York City.

It’s no secret that this need for realtors to stand out exists, but you probably aren’t sure of exactly what type of marketing efforts can help you grow in a way that is both practical and effective.

giphy 7

Today I want to focus on a marketing channel that I would really love to see more realtors explore, which is starting a YouTube channel. Not only are people on YouTube there to be entertained, but as I’ll show you, it’s still early enough to start building an audience on YouTube that can help you get more clients and raise awareness around your offerings as an agent.

giphy 8

In this article, I am going to talk about 3 reasons why I believe that every single realtor should have a YouTube channel.

If you’re not 100% familiar with why you should be on YouTube or how it could help you reach your business goals, this is for you. Towards the end, you’ll also see a real-life example of the power that YouTube can have for realtors.

giphy 12

1. There are A LOT of people using YouTube at every moment of the day

Do you watch anything on YouTube? If you’re like me, you look forward to getting home, grabbing a glass of wine and turning on your Firestick or device that you use to access YouTube. Whether you are familiar with that scenario or not, the facts support the idea that this is normal behavior for most people now.

Google found that 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV.

But the amount of YouTube people watch doesn’t just end at home. Statista recently reported that YouTube accounts for 37% of ALL mobile internet traffic.

pasted image 0 1

Accounting for 37% of ALL mobile internet traffic sounds nearly unbelievable when you consider the fact that applications like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & WhatsApp are all fighting for our attention already.

photoshelpfultobuyers 1

Knowing that most people are using YouTube serves as concrete proof that there are many of your potential clients on the platform. If you want to begin connecting with your target audience, it’s better to start sooner than later.

giphy 11

Who knows, maybe you’ll start on YouTube and be a smashing hit! But for most people that probably won’t be the case. Although YouTube is powerful, for most people it takes time to really start seeing the benefits of it.

There are ways to cut that time in half (more on this later), but you should want to get started today.

Here is why you should view the time it takes to create YouTube videos as an investment…

YouTube requires a (small) investment of time to get started, but the payoff can be HUGE

agentsneedcontent 1

Most realtors I talk to know that they should be creating content but never seem to get to it.

This happens for many different reasons, but it usually comes down to:

  • Fear: You are afraid of the camera and hate the feeling you get when you are in front of it
  • Direction: You’re not sure what to say, but you do want to put out meaningful content
  • Time: You don’t think that the time you are putting into YouTube is worth anything

I help real estate agents get over their fear of being in front of the camera and provide direction through my services.

giphy 10

There are many different ways to handle fear of the camera and/or figuring out what you’ll talk about, but for the purposes of this article, I want to focus on the last point about the time investment.

2. Times have changed in the marketing world and people are tired of being treated like cash machines

There are still (way too many) people who approach marketing from a direct Return on Investment perspective, meaning that if they put $1 into their marketing efforts, they expect to get at least $2 back.

Although this way of marketing make perfect sense at the surface and still works for many, it’s no doubt that what it takes people to buy things online takes more than saying BUY NOW! Over and over and over again.

giphy 9

Let’s be real.

You would much rather feel like you are getting to know someone through their content before they try and sell you things. Although this shift is clear, the majority of marketers still have not adjusted to it.

Most of the marketers you encounter today will approach marketing from a direct ROI perspective. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily as there is a time and place for all marketing activities, but is no longer what should be the starting point for most.

knowlikeandtrust 1

Video content, especially on YouTube, makes building people’s familiarity with you much easier. They help you develop 3 key things that make people feel much better about buying from you – know, like & trust.

  • People want to KNOW who you are at some level
  • People want to LIKE you for one reason or another
  • People want to TRUST you because you show up

Approaching marketing from this frame of mind will help you shift to seeing YouTube content vas an investment towards your future. Another way to invite people to become more familiar with you and what you offer.

However, If you’re still concerned about the time you are about to invest, there is one way to “speed up” the process.

giphy 13

3. Advertising on YouTube Still Comes With Major Opportunities

As of March 2019, YouTube advertising is extremely under-utilized.

In fact, Entrepreneur recently published an article titled “It’s Not Too Late To Be an Early Adopter of YouTube ads”. YouTube advertising has been part of marketing conversation for years, but many people are just waking up to its range of advertising targeting capabilities.

I won’t get too far into it in this article, but YouTube has amazing targeting capabilities that let you target things like specific YouTube channels, keywords, and even specific videos!

For example, let’s say your target audience is watching a video about Island Spice Grill, a delicious Jamaican restaurant in New York City. YouTube gives you the ability to make sure your advertisement shows up right in front of your audience before they get to the Island Spice Grill video that you already know your audience is watching.

ipsosyoutube 1

Capabilities like these make YouTube advertising very powerful, but the beauty of them is that they have proven to be extremely effective in many ways.

  • Ipsos found that YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to hold attention than TV ads.
  • Ipsos also found that YouTube mobile ads receive viewer attention 83% of the time while TV ads average around 45%

Of course, platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are also places you could advertise, but is anyone even hearing your ads? Because they are on YouTube.

Google found that 95% of YouTube ads are audible. In comparison, 15% of Facebook video ads are audible.

These facts paint the perfect picture of the opporotunity that is available to many on YouTube because it is so popular.

But does this work for real estate specifically? Let’s look at a real example.

Let’s look at a successful example of what happens when YouTube for agents goes right

Karin is a realtor who is based in Georgia and is seeing GREAT results by using YouTube to gain new leads and drive results.

In the video above, Karin touches on a few ways that realtors can get started with YouTube videos.

On her website, she also shared that she gets 75% of her business from YouTube and has become a local mini-celebrity & public speaker in the span of 12 months.

75% of your business from YouTube?! I am sure that you can imagine how easy it would be to not only attract but also close clients based on your YouTube channel.

Let’s make it happen together.

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