Custom video marketing plans & videography services

Do any of these sound like you? If so, I can help

  • You want a single video that you can use to raise funds, present to investors & captures your story for a sales purpose.
  • You need a single video to showcase your listing or business.
  • You need consistent good video content so that you can show up on social media regularly.

As both a marketing strategist & videographer, I have the ability to create video marketing plans for social media or single videos for listings/business promotions.

by rouk

How it works

Here’s the process we will go through while working together

Step 1. Strategy Call

First I want to make sure that I understand what you need and see if I would be a fit for your services

Step 2. Consultation

After our strategy call and proposal, it’s time to learn about you and what you would like to achieve through video.

Step 3. Alignment

Based on our conversation and the service you are using, we agree on topics and the overall direction of exactly what is going to happen.

This step erases the confusion that often comes with figuring out what to talk about.

Step 4. Shoot Day

Depending on the amount of content we are producing, we take anywhere from 1-3 days to shoot the content based on the plan we’ve aligned on.

Step 5. Delivery!

It’s time to receive your video.

Each of my videos comes with 2 revisions, so don’t panic if you want to move the title 2 inches to the left or need to change the colors!


Here’s what other people who have worked with me say…

Running a food company has a lot of moving parts, with one of the essential elements being video content marketing.

Farouk has been Komeeda’s go to content-creator.

He understands what our company is about, strategically captures essential consumer interaction and showcases the optimal moment of our food-filled experiences.

With that, Komeeda is empowered to make an immediate impact every time we show a video produced by Farouk.

He continues to create phenomenal content and showcase the untold stories of the food world, we’re grateful to have him as our partner in foodie crime.

Jabber Al-BihaniFounder of KomeedaKomeeda, Fun Eating Experiences

“The overall experience was great.

Farouk did an amazing job making my staff & I extremely comfortable. It felt like a friend was just hanging out at the restaurant but just so happened to start filming.

The video outcome was amazing as well.

We’ve got a bunch of young locals to finally stop by the restaurant which is great!”

Ashley FaulknerCo-owner of Bucktown PVDBucktown PVD

“I had a great time working with Farouk!

Farouk is the only person so far in my career who’s managed to make me forget about the camera in front of me and allowed me to just be myself.

Farouk fully captured my experience and my shop in the video, giving a true sense of who we are and what we are trying to give back with Sugar Sketch, I still get compliments about the video!”

Martina NardoOwner of SugarSketch BakerySugar Sketch Bakery

What makes me different from other videographers & video marketers

I am an experienced marketing strategist & videographer wrapped in one.

During 6 years of NYC agency experiences, I worked on big brands like Rolex, American Express, IBM & Nationwide insurance. During this time I learned the ins and outs of how to use digital tools like social media, analytics & content to attract and retain customers.

I have also been a videographer for the past 3 years. Although this started out as a hobby, I quickly fell in love with the art and how I could use it to bring people to take action.

These two experiences combined ensure that I have a unique skill set that is built for businesses to not only get attention but reach their goals.

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