Learn how to plan, shoot & edit videos for your business in 5 days, using your smartphone.

Consistently creating videos for your business without hiring a videographer or production team can be hard.

What makes it even worse is that not publishing good and consistent video content comes with consequences as video becomes even more popular. 

You post a video that is low quality, causing people to skip right over your video or worse, not want to see another post from you anytime soon. 

You have to watch your competition put out effective (and expensive) video content while you sit back and have no choice but to watch.

Or maybe your message won’t come off the correct way, you know it’s much easier to understand someone when you can see and hear them than when you read their writing

Don’t let these things happen to you. Start learning to Shoot With Your Smartphone today. 

After browsing my content You’ll be more than comfortable pulling out your phone to shoot a video that suits your needs, whatever those needs are. 

I like to imagine a world where anyone can make quality video content, where it’s more common for people to be releasing good videos than it is now. This activity will lead to better videos and fresher ideas.

Why I created Shoot With Your Smartphone

After sharing a few videos that I shot on my phone (but edited using Final Cut Pro X) my friends, family and even people in public would ask tons of questions about my shooting setup and how I was shooting these using just my phone (again, even though I edited them using Final Cut). 

When starting this site, my main motivation was to break down a barrier. The barrier that many think is in between them and creating “worthy” video content. 

On this website, I’ll be giving you new smartphone shooting tips & teaching you how to create good videos using your phone and updating the blog regularly with helpful smartphone shooting content. 

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I have a few different ideas for ways that I can do this, but you can start with my free 5-day mini-course for now. 

Go from thinking “this is my phone” to “this is my go-to video camera”

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About Me

My name is Farouk, but most of my friends call me ‘rouk for short (rhymes with Luke). It’s nice to (kind of) meet you. 

What you can learn from me & why it’s important 

I teach people how to shoot quality videos using just their smartphone. 

This is extremely important in 2019 because we are all content creators with a studio in our pocket. There are even entire movies that have been shot using the iphone, so I want to show you how to use your device to create high quality content for your business or brand. 

I mainly provide tips online, but I am hoping to do a few in-person workshops sooner than later. If you might be interested in attending one, click here. 

In case you’re wondering how I got here, my road was anything but straightforward

Before SWYS, I shot videos for my blog and video production service Beyond The Eats. I shot and edited interviews with almost 50 people. 

These experiences with Beyond The Eats led me to see how far I could really push my shooting, in every effort to make my videos better, I started finding tons of great tips and ways people were using just their smartphone to shoot videos. 

This new fascination with smartphone shooting got a lot more serious after I read a couple of articles about the popularity of square videos. It’s clear that people love them, but it’s not common to actually shoot videos in a square like these… 

My mom always encouraged me to do things differently whenever I could, and this was the perfect chance to explore. 

Eventually, Shoot With Your Smartphone was born. 

In my free time, I like to enjoy cocktails, working out, and general wellness

I spend a lot of time working on this site and Beyond The Eats, but in my free moments I do love to sit down and really enjoy a good cocktail. 

I never cared about enjoying cocktails until one of my best friends became a bartender, so I always joke that the cocktail lover life chose me. 

I also like to keep my mind sharp by staying in fairly good shape, so I workout anywhere from 2 – 5 times a week, and run about 6 miles per week to keep weight off. 

But my overall personality lends itself well to this website 

I like to get to the point, which is an advantage for you. Yes you reading this.  

If you notice, none of my content is too drawn out and that’s by design. My goal is to get you the information you need so that you can quickly start creating what you need to and get it out into the world. 

They say nothing in life is truly free, and that goes for this website as well

In the past people have asked me “Why are you doing this for free?”, “is there a catch?” and my answer is yes, there are two “catches”. 

  1. This website helps to raise awareness around my services as a video producer/videographer who specializes in shooting for restaurants, chefs, & entrepreneurs  

  2. I love to inspire creativity in others and see what they do with it, it inspires my own work when I see fresh and new ways that other people are using the tools that are available to them